Sequencing in Tube format

Published on Author Giovanni Morelli

When submitting sequences to MWG, follow directions as in the attached PDF document (here)

Briefly, for plasmidic DNA from minipreps:

  • Make sure your mini is of good quality, that is obtained with a Qiagen kit and of at least 200ng/ul (standard yield for kit preparation)
  • Use 1.5ml eppendorf tubes with the proper sticky label on it; do not parafilm single tubes
  • Total amount should be 0.75 - 1.5 ug of DNA in 15ul of water (e.g: 5 ul of miniprep + 10 PCR grade water)
  • Do not parafilm single tubes. Place about 6 tubes in a falcon or small transparent zipped enveloped
  • Put samples before 4pm in the express courier bag in the reception of the SAF building.

Results will appear about two days later on the MWG website.