Track flies for odor preference (movie analysis)

Published on Author Giorgio Gilestro


Files should be in AVI or OGV format. Filename should not contain empty spaces or weird characters. The best praxis is to give files a named based on the timestamp or some other number and include a .txt file with a legend of the experiment and any other comments.


To create a mask. Launch: --showmask -i PATH/FILENAME

Draw the mask with your mouse.

Mouse actions:

Mouse action Result
Hold and drag left mouse button create ROI
Double click left mouse button create corner (up to 4)
Click right mouse button undo red ROI
Middle click Confirm ROI (becomes white)
Click left mouse button inside ROI select ROI (becomes red)

Keys action:

key Result Same as
a create auto mask
c clear last ROI selected Right click
x clear all
g start or stop movie grabbing
j add current selection Middle click
s save current mask



Launch: -i FILENAME -t2 --trackonly