Mapping Lab Server

Published on Author Giorgio Gilestro

The lab uses a shared server for saving data. Data on the server are safe and go regular backup. You should map the server drive as network drive on your computer. When prompted, you should enter the login credentials for the network hard drive, which are:

username: student
password: ic_student

Here is how to map the drive on different OSs:

On Windows PC:

  1. On Windows XP: Click on the start menu and click on "run". On Windows 7:  Click on the start menu
  2. Type "" and hit enter. A new explorer window will open.
  3. Click with the right mouse button the folder called "gglab" and select "Map network drive".
  4. Pick the letter of the virtual drive you want to associate (for instance G:) and make sure that you checked the box "reconnect at logon".

To access from your mac:

  1. Go to "Go" then "Connect to server"
  2. Type smb:// and hit enter
  3. Login with the given credentials
  4. Select "gglab" (should be the only entry)
  5. Go to File in the finder and click "Add to sidebar" to bookmark it

On Linux:

  1. Create a target folder in /mnt/nas and give ownership to user
  2. create a .nas-credentials file in /etc/
  3. paste the following line in /etc/fstab/
// /mnt/nas cifs defaults,uid=1000,gid=1000,credentials=/etc/.nas-credentials 0 0