Phenol-Chloroform RNA extraction, Schweisguth Protocol

Published on Author Anne Petzold


"Extraction of Drosophila total RNA" @

(extraction based on combination of Trizol and Phenol-Chloroform, spinning steps @ 4 DEG)


app. 12 male fly bodies and app. 30 heads, dissection on CO2 pad @ RT.


Samples frozen @ - 80 DEG in PBS before extraction. Protocol as instructed, but used centrifuge at RT. No DNase I treatment.


Body sample: [260/280] 1.7, 4.25 ug/ul

Brain sample: [260/280] 1.86, 4.27 ug/ul

Indicative of contamination with phenol or protein. Probable sources of contamination: #1 pestle, other: spinning at RT, no DNAse treatment.