Gel volume/tank @ Cleaver Scientific for reference

Published on Author Anne Petzold
Gel Preparation:

Below shows the volume of agarose solution required to make the desired agarose gel for each unit tray size.

1. For a standard 0.7% agarose gel, add 0.7 grammes of agarose to 100 ml of 1x TAE or TBE solution. The same 1 x solution should be used in the tank buffer solution.

Multi Sub Mini   Multi Sub Midi   Multi Sub Choice   Multi Sub Choice Stretch  
Tray Vol for 5 mm gel Tray Vol for 5 mm gel Tray Vol for 5 mm gel Tray Vol for 5 mm gel
7x7 cm 25 ml 10x7 cm 35 ml 15x7 cm 52.5 ml 15x20 cm 150 ml
7x10 35 ml 10x10 cm 50 ml 15x10 cm 75 ml 15x25 cm 187.5 ml
15x15 cm 112.5 ml
2. Add the agarose powder to a glass bottle.
3. Add the appropriate amount of 1x TAE or TBE solution from the table above. To prevent evaporation during the dissolving steps below, leave cap loosely screwed on.
4. Dissolve the agarose powder by heating the agarose in a microwave oven. Overflows easily and very, very fast! The solution should be heated until all crystals are dissolved. This is best viewed against a light background. Crystals appear as translucent crystals. These will interfere with sample migration if not completely dissolved. The gel must be cooled to between 50°C and 60°C degrees before pouring.