Fly Resources

Published on Author Anne Petzold

Some helpful websites and tools for some in silico research on fly genes

  • FlyBase, - Ties to together resources about the individual genes, including GBrowse gene locus viewer, predicted function according to InterPro and UniProt, lists of associated papers, etc.
  • FlyAtlas 2,¬† - Gene expression profile, based on in situ hybridization (reliability?)
  • Virtual Fly Brain, - Ties together transgenes/phenotypes/gene expression profile etc. for anatomical locations in the fly brain
  • Interactive fly, - by Society for Developmental Biology, mostly anatomical and developmental resources on flies

Some helpful tools for experimental planning

  • FlyPrimerBank, - Primers for almost every fly gene, some already tested and commented on (paper on FlyPrimerBank by Hu et al. 2013)
  • FlyC31, - Resources on PhiC31 integrase system implemented in flies
  • Crispr design tools: Zhang lab @ (also: Google discussion group), Crispr Design tool @, e-crisp @
  • Further Crispr resources: OxfordFlyCrispr @, Cambridge Crispr/CrisprFlyDesign @ (also: Google discussion group)

Stock Centers

  • VDRC RNAi stock center, - mainly RNAi lines and associated lines, e.g. Dicer2
  • Bloomington Fly Stock Center, - like the default stock center w/ big selection, esp. of Gal4 driver lines


  • Addgene, - extensive non-profit depository for plasmids/vectors
  • LifeTechnologies, - Helpful How-To's and Tips, e.g. Buffer Recipes @
  • Cold spring Harbor Protocols,