Building a 360 LED screen

Published on Author Giorgio Gilestro

Needed material.


I will make an .img file with a working version of the PI. The OS is (as usual) arch-linux. The libraries used to drive the LED are:

The former is used to control the LED displays. The latter is used to to send multi-layered visual information.

A rendering of the assembled structure


  • Download and burn the PI image with the custo software (link)
  • Mount the 6 panels in a structure using the hex screws and the 3D printed parts.
  • If using 64x64 LED panels, the bonnet must first be modified to properly drive this configuration by soldiering a jumper on the back (see figure below).
  • Connect the bonnet to the PI and connect all the cables
Soldier the lower pins of the jumper to drive 64x64 panels. This applies to the panels linked above.