What is this.

This is the lab book of Giorgio Gilestro’s laboratory at Imperial College London. Only lab members have access to writing and reading the lab book but posts may be open to public once their relative project has reached a certain maturity (Most likely, entries will be publicly open and integrated as supplementary information once the relative paper will be published).

Gaining access to the lab book.

As soon as you join the laboratory you will be given access to the lab book with your own username and password. You need to login in order to write your entries. Amongst the lab members, there is no restriction to reading other people’s items and you will be able to read everything once you are logged in. For safety reasons, please make sure you logout after each use. You will be logged out anyway after few minutes of inactivity.

How to make an entry.

A detailed how-to guide of how to use the labbok can be found here.


Every time you use a new protocol, make sure you enter it to the lab book under the public category “Protocols”. Use tags as required. It’s OK to copy and paste a protocol you find elsewhere but please specify the source too. If it comes from some internet site, add the URL. If it comes from a paper write the reference, the PMID number with a link to pubmed and consider uploading the PDF of the paper as attached document too. Write personal comments if you wish.

What happens after you leave the lab?

You are encouraged to print out all your entries as PDF and keep them as personal references. You will have read only access to your entries after you leave.

Reproduce this.

The lab book is based upon a wordpress installation on custom machine and uses a customised version of wordpress.


Available plugins:

  • TinyMCE Advanced – Enables advanced features and plugins in TinyMCE.
  • Auto Logout – Handles automatic logout after few minutes of inactivity to enhance privacy
  • Automatic WordPress Backup – Automatically backup the lab book at regular intervals
  • Widget Logic – Restricts where and when widget should be visible
  • WP-Print – Displays a printable version of your WordPress blog’s post/page.

Custom plugins: